The IAS Project Grant Fund

In 2018 the IAS council  proposed a creation of funding opportunities other than the educational grant. We are therefore very excited to announce the IAS Project Grant Fund.

Applications for project funding assistance can be applied for by IAS members of good standing and all applications for any amount can be considered. Acceptance will be on acceptance of the following conditions:

  • Proposals, updates and outcomes of the project will be issued to the council regularly and final outcomes will be made available for publication in the IAS journal.
  • Successful candidates agree to come to a scientific meeting within one year of publication to present their findings.
  • IAS funding is acknowledged in any published papers.
  • The project should relate to the field of human or veterinary anatomical sciences.

Applications will be dealt with on a case by case basis and considered by a panel of IAS members selected by the council. All applications will be considered on merit and be anonymised.

How to apply

Applications should take the form of a letter of proposal and the specific amount being requested and should be emailed to  Someone from the committee will then be in touch to discuss your project further.

Applications are especially encouraged where funding is required for the specific use of technology, specialist techniques or hire of facilities, where a clearly defined funding amount can be shown.

We hope that this will create a legacy for the future, and allow the IAS to bring benefit those outside of the anatomical community, as well as encourage innovative projects and useful research.

At present there is no allocated budget or funding cycle and in the event of an excess of applications, the IAS reserve the right to suspend the scheme.