The Institute of Anatomical Sciences Educational Grant

The IAS Educational Grant is a fund of approximately £1000 per year, available to all FULLY PAID UP MEMBERS of the Institute (who have been a member for a minimum of 12 months) to encourage their attendance at anatomically relevant events such as conferences and workshops, including travel, accommodation etc. 

This £1000 may be awarded in total to one individual or may be shared between applicants. Non -Members or members who are not paid up shall not be eligible to apply.

Applications are invited for this Educational Grant that is to be awarded by the Institute.

Applications, giving details of the proposed trip (including estimated total cost and any other support anticipated), should be received by the IAS Secretary. Applications must be received at least six weeks before the date of the proposed trip/activity.

All applications will be anonymised and a subcommittee of Council will vet all applications on the basis of likely academic benefits. An individual will not normally receive more than one award every three years. The Institute reserves the right to make no awards. The decision of the Council is final.

The successful applicant will be expected to write an article or paper for publication in the IAS Magazine or Journal giving a report on their visit or experiences. The size of this article should be comparable with a Diploma (DATS) integrated module write-up (2000- 3000 words).

The successful applicant would normally be expected to pay for his / her self in the first instance and the Bursary will be paid to them on submission of receipts. If the applicant is unable to do this they should contact the IAS Treasurer.

Project Grant

A new IAS initiative to encourage research and to support projects has been launched by the IAS.  You can find details of the grant and how to apply here.

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