Certificate in Anatomical Technology and Science

The ‘Certificate of Anatomical Technology and Science’ has been designed to document the knowledge that candidates use on a daily basis in carrying out their duties. This will be assesed by IAS approved examiners and if an appropriate grade is obtained the certificate will be awarded. The certificate can be completed as a standalone qualifcation or can be considered as the first step towards completing the Diploma. The Certificate is also an excellent way to demonstrate staff training, an area now being inspected by the Human Tissue Authority.

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Application form

The application form will be assessed by 2 IAS approved examiners, and should:

  • be completed by the applicant and verified by the signature of their supervisor
  • include the duties that are carried out on a routine basis
  • indicate the practical work, communication, problem-solving involved in the duties
  • highlight how health, safety and legislation affect how the duties are carried out



A viva will take place in the applicants’ work place, conducted in a friendly manner with the intent to confirm that what is recorded on the form is what is undertaken by the applicant. Feedback of the applicants’ performance will be given on the day of the assessment.


The total cost of the certificate is £200, this covers any administrative and examiner travel expenses.

  • The initial £50 must be paid on submission of the application for the Certificate.
  • The remainder of £150 must be paid once the application has been processed and a date has been set for the viva.

If you, or anyone in your Department, feels that completing this qualification would be advantageous then please feel free to contact us.

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