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This is a unique journal specialising in the communication of excellence in technical practices. Papers published in this journal primarily concern innovative techniques in anatomical sciences, however we are also willing to accept original anatomical research and papers written by undergraduate students.

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If you have any questions please contact the editors Kirsty Lesniak  or Alistair Bond

Writing for the Journal

We understand that experience of academic writing may be daunting if you have no experience in this. However please don’t let that dissuade you from writing for the Journal. A template that you can use that will guide your writing along with some information can be downloaded below.

The IAS is also planning workshops for academic writing. Please email Kirsty Lesniak for information on the next workshop.

In order to provide the IAS membership with a valuable set of technical reports, we have designed this easy-to-use form. Fill in the boxes (using the guidelines provided) and we will do the paper formatting for you.

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Purchasing the journal
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Abstract PDF

The use of Fresh Frozen Human Cadaveric Material in the UK:
A questionnaire study. 

Carys Davies

Abstract PDF

From cadaver to museum plinth:
A novel method of articulating an ostrich skeleton.

Sarah Nicoll & Andrew Cook

Abstract PDF

Student perceptions of the value of potted anatomical specimens in relation to dissection and other anatomical teaching resources.

Natalie Harper & Wendy Birch

Abstract PDF

A prosection of the superficial muscles of mastication for use in medical teaching

George Whittaker

Abstract PDF

The value of dissection and human tissue in teaching anatomy to pre-clinical medical students: A review.

Natalie Harper & Wendy Birth

Abstract PDF

The Human Body in Cross-section: Creation of a teaching aid to present an entire human female cadaver transversely sectioned and displayed in Perspex pots.

Tom Cornwall, Charlie Tanner & Rob Harraway

Abstract PDF

Creating a Teaching Aid for Ferret Reproductive and Adrenal Anatomy.

Rebecca Norman & Sarah Nicoll

Abstract PDF

Osteological Preparation of a California Sea Lion.  

S. Macdonald and K. Kroll

Abstract PDF

A systematic guide to prosection of the superficial structures of the head.                       

Ed Zealley

Abstract PDF

Osteological Preparation of the White Rhinoceros, Ceratotherium simum.           

Anthony Wilkes and Rachel Norris

Abstract PDF

The Preparation of Vertebrate Skeletons.                                                                                

Jennie Coy