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The IAS Journal

Welcome to the homepage of the Journal of the Institute of Anatomical Sciences

The IAS Journal

This is a unique journal specialising in the communication of excellence in technical practices. Papers published in this journal primarily concern innovative techniques in anatomical sciences, however we are also willing to accept original anatomical research and papers written by undergraduate students.

If you have any questions please contact the editors Sarah Gosling  or Alistair Bond

Writing for the Journal

We understand that experience of academic writing may be daunting if you have no experience in this. However please don’t let that dissuade you from writing for the Journal. A template that you can use that will guide your writing along with some information can be downloaded below.

The IAS is also planning workshops for academic writing. Please email Sarah Gosling for information on the next workshop.

Journal Template docx
IAS Journal Download

Hard copies of the journal are available to purchase at £15 per copy + postage

Please email the.ias2016@gmail.com to order this.