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About the Institute

The Institute of Anatomical Sciences. Founded in 1984, is a growing international group of Anatomy and Anatomically-related professionals dedicated to sharing knowledge, techniques and practices to ensure informed intellectual and technical expertise in the Anatomical Sciences.

We have an educational programme including anatomical techniques workshops, skeletal preparations, embalming, dissection/prosection and several other techniques/skills unique to our profession. A formal educational qualification, the IAS Diploma provides and ensures a gold standard of expertise expected by Higher Educational Institutions and is accompanied by a Certificate in Anatomical Technology and Science.

In addition to holding two Scientific Meetings a year in the UK and Ireland to update and educate our general membership, there is a journal and a newsletter, which serves to keep the members informed.

The Benefits of Membership of the IAS Include:


Networking with colleagues from other Institutions in both Medical & Veterinary Schools. Gaining insight into new developments in teaching methods and specimen preparations. Sharing ideas and information for courses (programmes run/cost comparisons)

Staff development

Training program for staff through the IAS Diploma and Foundation Certificate, supported by IAS workshops. Opportunity to give presentations at scientific meetings developing communication skills.


Links with other professional bodies, The Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland, The British Association of Clinical Anatomists and the Human Tissue Authority through the ‘Anatomy Associations Advisory Committee’.

Enhance reputation

Opportunity to enhance the reputation of your Institution through presentations, the winning of awards (dissection/museum competition and open awards), and hosting IAS Scientific meetings.

IAS Insignia

About the Institute’s Insignia

The foundation of the Institute in London has been represented by incorporating the two hunting horns taken from the coat of arms of the family of John and William Hunter, who were the founders of the Hunterian Museum of Anatomy, at the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

These two horns support the cartouche of Tutankhamen, depicted in name by the Egyptian Hieroglyphics. These link our provincial membership with that of the late Ronald Harrison, Derby Professor of Anatomy at the University of Liverpool, commemorating his past Presidency of the Institute of Science Technology and for his dedication and concern for the further education of technicians employed at Universities throughout the United Kingdom. Also his valued use of paramedical aids for his research in anatomy as Professor of Egyptology bestowed on him by the University of Cairo.

The Institute colours are represented by the national colours of Germany, black, gold and red, acknowledging the German anatomists whose museum techniques have been used and modified over the past century as teaching aids for anatomy and pathology.

Finally, the staff and serpent of Aesculapius, the Greek God of Healing, symbolise our international link with medicine, and the Egyptian funeral mask which surmounts the Insignia cartouche, portraying our historical heritage with the ancient Egyptian techniques.

JTF Fish (Late Chairman/Secretary of the IAS)

(This article first appeared in the IAS Journal No.2, March 1987).

Insignia redrawn Jan. 1999 – P. Williams

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Membership is open to persons in any discipline which recognises the need for anatomical training in their profession and to those who are sympathetic to the aims of the Institute.

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